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  • Trans Dry (On-Line Drying system)
  • SF6 Gas Recovery, Filling &Filtration Gas Handling Unit
  • Off/ Online Transformer Oil Purification plant Online Transformer Conditioning/ Re-refining plant
  • Oil distillation system
  • Lubricating oil purification system
  • Electrostatic oil cleaner (CDOC)
  • Vapour phase Drying plants
  • Vacuum Drying Plants
  • Meter-Mix-Dispending Machine
  • Autoclave
  • Vacuum Pumping System
  • Oil storage tank
  • Vacuum pressure Metal Impregnation/ Casting/ Resin
  • Resin casting plant /Epoxy mixing plant
  • Capacitor impregnation plant oil polishing &Distillation plant
  • Solvent Recovery System
  • Cast basalt

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