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Meter Mix Dispensing Machine

  • The machine performs the function of automatic mixing of resin and
    hardener and dispensing of the mixture into the required cavity.
  • There are many advantages of this machine such as minimum manual
    intervention, reduction in wastages thereby reducing the cost of
    production, increase in the rate of production thereby increasing the
    productivity and ultimately the profit.
  • It has a facility to vary the ratio so that the user can use different types
    of chemicals in one machine.
  • It also has a facility to vary the flow rate and quantity so that the user
    can produce different quantities of the product.
  • The machine goes for various applications such Automotive,
    Electrical/Electronics, Composites, Renewables, Elastomers etc.
  • It is capable of handling various chemicals such as
  • It is capable of handling up to 1/2/3/4/5 components.
  • It is also capable of handling powder mixing in resin or hardener or both
    if required.
  • The machine also comes with an additional feature of vacuum chamber
    where potting has to be done under vacuum.
  • Robotic attachment is provided where the user requires a robotic
    movement of dispensing. The robotic movement automates the entire
    process of dispensing. This increases the rate of production and
    ultimately the productivity.

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ISO 9001:2015 Certified


ISO 14001:2015 Certified


Meter Mix Dispensing Machine


PU Elastomer




Filter Bonding




Electric Vehicles




Battery Sealing

Cee Dee Vacuum having an expertise in vacuum technology and resin casting, glad to present extended product range of dispensing machines for potting, encapsulation, sealant, bonding and casting applications serving diverse market segments.

Stand-alone Potting / Encapsulation Machine


Vacuum Casting Plant CT/PT, Dry Type Distribution Transformer, Insulator & Bushings

Under Vacuum Potting

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We would like to give the feedback that we are using APG CASTING PLANT manufactured by CEE DEE VACUUM EQUIPMENT PVT. LTD. PUNE. We are glad that the performance of the machine is up to the mark. All the parts used in the machine are of standard quality. CEE DEE has been succesful in providing an efficient technical solution which has completely fullfilled our requirement. Here it would be worth mentioining that the service of CEE DEE is satisfactory. Service team of CEE DEE is always available whenever we have any problem. We are in continuing business relationship with them and also would like to continue the same in future.

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