Electrical Vehicles

Electric Vehicles

From past few years a remarkable increase can be seen in manufacture and sales of Electric Vehicles. This is a revolutionary green initiative undertaken to bypass petrol and petroleum products.

All these EV vehicles run on batteries. No fuel is required as these vehicles run on batteries. These batteries contain PU or Epoxy or Silicone.

We provide machines for dispensing PU/Epoxy/Silicone in these EV batteries.



  1. Robust tubular steel structure.
  2. Stainless steel tanks for resin and hardener.
  3. Accurate variable ratio metering system.
  4. Static/dynamic & combo mixing heads to ensure homogeneity of mix.
  5. Dispensing quantity recipes for multiple variants.
  6. Gantry can be provided if the dispensing nozzle is to be given a movement.
  7. Temperature controlled tank heating systems for material tanks.
  8. PLC controller logic.
  9. Touch screen HMI display.