PU Elastomer

PU Elastomer

Elastomers have high quality, flexible properties and are utilized in various applications. Elastomer application includes products such as PU Gears, PU Seals, PU Wheels, PU Bushes, PU Rollers etc. Elastomer base polymer working in intense heat, they protect against aggressive substance or they go about as vibration dampers, conductors or covers because of their adaptable properties.

Elastomers have low intermolecular quality, low modulus of elasticity and high strain of failure as compared to other materials.

Elastomer application can be further classified into TDI & MDI application. Our machine is capable of processing TDI as well as MDI. The machine can be designed for 2/3/4/5 component materials.



  • Stainless steel tanks
  • Oven type heating arrangement for the tanks and pumps
  • Highly efficient pumps
  • High quality dynamic mixer with heating provision for effective mixing
  • Recirculation provision to the dynamic mixer
  • Effective heating provision from tank to mixer
  • PLC Controlled logic
  • Touch screen HMI display
  • Variable flow rate, quantity and ratio
  • Capable of processing low quantity as well as high quantity jobs
  • Melters with temperature control system for flakes based curatives
  • Degassing facility for day tanks in the machine