Filter Bonding

Filter Bonding

Filters have become an essential part of the automotive engines in the present situation. Strength, reliability and ease of operation of the vehicles are the key factors on which the nature of these vehicles depend which helps for improving a quality life for a vehicle. It upgrades the efficiency as well as help the customers to breathe cleaner air.

Usually there are two types of filters, round shaped and rectangular shaped. We provide machine with a rotary and gantry wherein both round as well as rectangular shaped filters can be manufactured.



  1. Robust tubular steel structure frame.
  2. SS/MS tanks for storage of polyol and isocyanate.
  3. The tanks are jacketed tanks in order to provide for chilling of materials under certain circumstances.
  4. Highly efficient dynamic mixer to ensure homogeneity of mix of polyol and isocyanate.
  5. Highly precise pumping system for pumping of the materials from tank to the mixer.
  6. Electrical control panel.
  7. PLC controlled logic.
  8. Touch screen HMI display.
  9. The machine can have gantry or rotary or both for manufacturing round as well as rectangular shaped jobs.